All purchase orders placed with Brand Ignite (Seller) by the Customer (Buyer) for the purchase of goods and services (Goods), now and or in the future are bound by the following Terms and Conditions provided below. Brand Ignite may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time.


1. Purchase Orders and Communication

Brand Ignite requires all purchase orders for goods to be submitted in writing, preferably via email. This ensures clear communication and documentation of the buyer’s requirements and expectations.

2. Artwork Requirements

For purchase orders involving product branding, the buyer is responsible for providing the necessary artwork via the appropriate form. Detailed guidelines regarding artwork specifications can be found under the Artwork Requirements section. It is essential for the customer to adhere to these guidelines to ensure accurate and satisfactory results.

3. Approval of Artwork Mockup

The responsibility lies with the customer to thoroughly review and approve the artwork mockup provided by Brand Ignite. This approval indicates the customer’s acknowledgment of the details contained within the artwork and their satisfaction with the proposed design.

4. Customer Acknowledgement

This section outlines several important points that the customer must acknowledge before placing an order with Brand Ignite:

  • Availability and Variations: The customer understands that the products advertised on the Brand Ignite website may become unavailable, go out of stock, or be discontinued. Additionally, minor batch variations may occur.

  • PMS Color Matching: Brand Ignite makes every effort to match PMS colours. However, due to variations in materials and surfaces, a PMS colour may appear different when applied during the branding process.

  • Quantity Variations: Brand Ignite reserves the right to supply the ordered quantity with a variation of plus or minus 5%. The customer’s final payment will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Rush Orders: Orders that require expedited processing outside of standard turnarounds may incur additional charges for printing and delivery.

  • Use of Customer-provided Artwork and Data: By providing Brand Ignite with artwork and data uploading files, the customer authorises the company to use these files and produce promotional products on their behalf.

5. Payment Terms

Full payment is required from the customer prior to production. This ensures a smooth and efficient ordering process.

6. Ownership and Title of Goods

All goods supplied by Brand Ignite remain the property of the company until full payment is settled by the customer. This clause ensures the protection of Brand Ignite’s assets until the customer has fulfilled their financial obligations.

7. Late Fees and Debt Collection

Brand Ignite reserves the right to charge late fees for any overdue invoices. In the event of non-payment, Brand Ignite may pass the debt to a Collection Agency. The customer will be held responsible for any costs incurred during the debt collection process, including legal fees.

8. Payment Method and Merchant Fees

Customers are responsible for paying credit card merchant fees associated with their transactions. These fees, totaling 1.5% of the transaction value, apply to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payments and are non-refundable. Direct bank transfers are offered as an alternative form of payment.

9. Freight and Handling Charges

To facilitate the delivery of goods, freight and/or handling charges are applicable to all orders. The customer will be responsible for paying these charges, ensuring the efficient transportation of their purchased items.

10. Order Cancellation and Amendment

Orders cannot be cancelled unless compensatory terms are agreed upon by Brand Ignite. These terms will outline the necessary compensation required to cover any work already performed and the costs incurred by Brand Ignite up to the date of cancellation. In the case of Indent orders, cancellations made after 48 hours of receipt may incur additional cancellation charges.

Amendments to orders can only be made in accordance with the terms stated by Brand Ignite. Such amendments may require the customer to pay for any additional work or expenses incurred due to the requested changes.

11. Returns, Defects, and Warranties

Customers may return goods if they are found to be defective, subject to Brand Ignite inspection. To initiate the return process, the customer must inspect the goods within seven days of delivery and submit a written claim. Any claims made after this period may not be considered.

Returned goods must be sent back within a reasonable time period at the customer’s expense. It is expected that the goods are returned in a condition similar to that in which they were delivered. Brand Ignite will conduct an inspection to assess the validity of the claim and determine an appropriate course of action.

12. Liability and Limitations

Brand Ignite’s liability for any breach of conditions or warranties implied by relevant legislation, such as the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), is limited according to the relevant legal provisions. The company shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, or expense suffered by the customer if such loss is caused by factors beyond Brand Ignite reasonable control. These factors may include transport delays, machinery breakdowns, and natural disasters.

13. Exclusion of Implied Warranties

Unless expressly stated within the terms and conditions, all implied warranties and conditions relating to any supply by Brand Ignite are explicitly excluded, to the extent permitted by law. However, if possible, Brand Ignite will seek to pass on any benefits from manufacturers’ warranties to the customer.

14. Limitations of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law and except as otherwise specified within the terms and conditions, Brand Ignite shall not be liable to the customer for any direct or consequential loss or damage arising from the supply of goods and services.